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‘We Want to Be as Frictionless as Possible’: Samsung Ramps Up Its Pitch to Advertisers Across[…]

This data is sorted into three categories: data from the TV such as the model and language, data on the devices connected to it such as games consoles and set-top boxes and the viewing data on what is being watched or played on the TV. While this data has always been key to Samsung’s pitch to advertisers, it’s now at the forefront of it.  Between its own DSP and a growing number of approved SSPs,[…]

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The Unruly World Of CTV During the Pandemic: Q&A With Unruly’s Terence Scroope

We found three major takeaway toplines: that CTV ismore effective than linear TV in driving consumer behaviors, that 35% of US consumers have tried a new ad-supported streaming service since the outbreak of COVID-19, and that 42% now plan to cancelcable TV.  It was interesting to see that more than a third have tried new ad-supported content since COVID-19, with 79% saying they will continue to d[…]

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